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    Le Kiu Importing Co. Ltd. is a leading food, pharmaceutical, health & beauty aids, and general merchandise importer and distributor since 1946.

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    Our mission is to “Leave No Stone Unturned” in finding opportunities to maximize sales and profit for the brands we represent.

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    Le Kiu Importing has a broad sales and market coverage in both mainstream and ethnic market; as well as large and small accounts.

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  • Corporate Information

    Importers & Distributors

    The first generaton of Le Kiu Importing Co., Ltd. (LKI) started in 1946.   For over 68 years, now in the fifth family generation, LKI has become one of Canada's leading food, pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty Aids (HABA),  general merchandise (GM) importer and distributor.

    ASIA PACIFIC, EUROPE, USA & CANADA - Importing & Distributing


    During the late 1940's, LKI was one of the first Canadian companies to import products from the Asia Pacific region, at that time known as the Far East. 

    In addition to the Asia Pacific region, LKI also imports and distributes products from the USA, Europe and Canada. 

    NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: Your Asia Pacific Gateway to Canada & USA

    LKI is either a listed vendor or  a supplier with channels to all major Canadian mainstream and ethnic retailers and wholesalers for food, pharmacy, club - (Costco), mass merchandisers - (Walmart), gas and convenient stores - (7-11) and food service. 

    In the USA, LKI has a distribution access network to cover all major regional American retailers.


    All LKI products meet government regulations such as standards of hygienic processing and conforming to label regulations.

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  • Company Position


    Le Kiu Importing Co., Ltd. (LKI) is a privately Canadian owned importing company;
    (1) not a subsidiary or a division of a retail group such as: HY Louie, Metro, Loblaws, Sobeys, T&T Supermarket or any other retail groups;
    (2) or foreign owned distributor/wholesaler manufacturer representative operation from China, Hong Kong (LKK), Japan (JFC, Nishimoto), Taiwan, Korea, India, USA (TOL).

    This allows all retail groups or other businesses to work with LKI without any conflict of interest, especially when trying to avoid doing business with importing companies owned by their competitors.

    Given this independent position, LKI invites all retail groups and businesses to co-operate and engage in business activities with full confidence for mutual benefits.


    "LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED" in finding opportunities to maximize sales and profits for the brands we represent.  Most notably to maximize sales and profits for all stakeholders, our suppliers, our distributors, our wholesalers, our retailers and ultimately, giving authenticity, quality and value to the consumers.

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  • Corporate Perspective

    At Le Kiu Importing Co., Ltd. (LKI), we are committed to keep cost low without compromising quality.

    As LKI is a Canadian company, preference is always given to Canadian products, conventional, natural and organic.

    The seven key criteria for LKI are as follows:
    [1] meets Health Canada standards,
    [2] competitively priced,
    [3] local and steady supply,
    [4] meets market demand,
    [5] meets consumer trends,
    [6] advertising and promotion support,
    [7] partnership building.

    The alternative for LKI is to search the globe for these seven criteria with the emphasis on authenticity, quality and value.

    Wholesale Division:
    Asian Foods

    LKI has its own distribution and wholesale division: Asian Foods.  It provides DSD, DC delivery, warehousing and a robust, state of the art, management information system.


    LKI has over 68 years of managing brands & categories of which many are market leaders in both mainstream and ethnic segments.


    LKI has the following licenses:

    1. Health Canada Site License for natural health and pharmaceutical products:
    This allows LKI to import and distribute products to the natural health and pharmaceutical channels.

    2. Fish Inspection Import License:
    This allows LKI to import seafood products to sell and to distribute to the market.

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