Corporate Perspective

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Compliance and Integrity

A Commitment to Operate in Legal Compliance and with Integrity
Our personal compliance program ensures that we obey all applicable laws and regulations while conducting business around the world. It is a guide within which we act with integrity and make ethical decisions for our consumers, shareholders, employees and business because their trust and confidence is crucial to our success.

As Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. (LKI) is a Canadian company,  preference is always given to Canadian products, conventional, natural and organic.

The seven key criteria for LKI are as follows:

[1] meets Health Canada standards,

[2] competitively priced,

[3] local and steady supply,

[4] meets market demand,

[5] consumer trends,

[6] advertising and promotion support,

[7] partnership building.

The alternative for LKI is to search the globe for these seven criteria with the emphasis on authenticity, quality and value.

Sustainability – Protecting our Resources

Part of Every Business Decision Includes Sustainable Practices
Sustainability is all about preserving our planet, the air, water, land and people. From “macro scale” issues like greenhouse gases to climate change, to local issues like coffee and cocoa farmers earning a decent wage, Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd.  is committed to supporting ways that will have positive impacts on the world we live in.