Rated as the #1 confectionary brand in Asia, Glico is well known for their Pocky Series.

Pocky was first launched in 1966, based on the idea of coating biscuit sticks with chocolate. Since then, the biscuits have expanded to great tasting flavours such as Strawberry, Milk, Dark Chocolate, and Almond Crush, and many others. Other series Glico has are: Pretz, Curry and Juku curry.

All Glico products are made in Japan and have been enjoyed by people for many years.

Our Brand

Made with high quality ingredients from Japan, Glico consistently brings out new and new exciting products to introduce to the market and keeps us all on our feet. It is with this great idea that they are so successful and has become the most well recognized confectionary brand throughout Asia.

Best Selling Glico products are:

  • Strawberry Pocky
  • Chocolate Pocky
  • Curry, Medium


Products Available

  • Curries: Mild, medium, hot
  • Pocky: Chocolate, Strawberry, Dark Men’s, Almond Crush, Strawberry Crush
  • Pretz: Tomato, Salad, Roast

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