Ribena’s main ingredient is blackcurrant, nature’s nutritional powerhouse. 30 million bottles of Ribena are sold every year. Ribena’s secret recipe was created back in 1938 in England. It contains no artificial flavours or colours. With the addition of water and ice, it is mainly enjoyed as a refreshing beverage. However, it is versatile enough for other uses, such as:

  • Adding a dash of Ribena to your favourite store-bought salad dressing
  • Mix Ribena with store-bought BBQ sauce for a terrific poultry basting sauce,
  • Wake up plain oatmeal with a dash of Ribena in the centre of the bowl,
  • Swirl Ribena into yogurt or whipping cream to create a sweet, topping for fruit and pies


  • Blackcurrants are packed with antioxidants, isoflavins and their seeds contain gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid
  • Blackcurrants also contain anthocyanins, a natural substance that creates the fruit’s deep, regal bluish purple colour, and may help stabilize Vitamin C
  • Ribena contains no artificial flavours or colours



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