Rated as the #1 Sugar brand in Asia, Taikoo Sugar is a natural sugar line made from 100% cane sugar. The cane sugar is derived from the island Of Mauritius.

Health hazards of refined sugars
Because white sugar goes through a bleaching process, this has posed many health problems such as: Dental decay, obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, cancer, hypertension, gall stones, and kidney stones.

Taikoo Sugar has two lines

  1. Slab Sugar and Rock Crystal Series
  2. Unrefined Specialty Series.

Unrefined sugar means it is unbleached and not put through a refinement process where many valuable minerals and nutrients of a natural sugar cane is lost. It is this difference that gives unrefined sugar its unique colour and flavour.

Size Available

Regular Sugar Line:

  • Cube Sugar 454g
  • Rock Sugar 454g
  • Slab Sugar 454g
  • Golden Honey Slab Sugar 400g
  • Golden Syrup 318ml

Unrefined Sugars Line:

  • Raw Sugar Cubes 454g
  • Coffee Sugar 454g
  • Golden Granulated 1kg
  • Dry Demerara 1kg
  • Light Muscovado 500g

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